• Vegan Baru Cheese

    Specially for people who are not lactose tolerant. Ingredients: 1 cup of peeled almonds 1 small garlic clove juice of 1/2 lemon 1 teaspoon nutriti...
  • Baru Milk

    Ingredients: Cup of baru or almonds 3 cup of water to soak the baru  Preparation: If you want to make more just double the amounts (2 cups of a...
  • Baruvida Nut Brownie

    Ingredients: 1 cup Roasted Baru Nuts 1 cup Sugar 1 cup Water ½ cup Organic Raw Cacao Powder ¼ cup Coconut Oil ¼ cup Rice Flour 2 Eggs 3 tbsp Tapio...
  • Baru Nut Butter

    Ingredients: 1 cup roasted Baru nuts, preferably with the shells removed 2–4 tablespoons coconut oil, peanut butter, or cashew butter, I used pean...
  • Cream of Baru Soup 

    Creamy and comforting, cream of Baru soup is a simple soup to make but the Baru makes the flavours complex and very addictive.  Another great recipe from talented Vivian Villa.  Chopped shrimp, chicken or pork can be added with the wine for extra protein. 
  • Baru Pesto

    Pesto can be served with pasta right away, as a condiment on a tasty burger, east with veggies or transferred to a jar or container, covered with a small layer of olive oil, sealed, and refrigerated overnight.
  • Baru Pasta

    Making your own pasta is easier than you might think – and it's a great way to add a personal touch to your cooking. This recipe for Baru pasta was developed by the talented Vivian Villa and is flavoured with Baru nuts giving it a delicious savoury taste. And best of all, it only takes a few minutes to prepare.

  • Baru Mock Asian Peanut Sauce

    Our go-to, super flavourful peanut sauce, which marries everything together perfectly.  Another recipes by the talented Villian Villa

    Let us show you how it’s done!  Combine all the spices in a fry pan over medium heat and toast till fragrant (about 1 minute)  Remove from heat to spice grinder/processor and grind till almost smooth. Add 1/2 cup Baru along with the salt, sugar/monkfruit and grind till smooth.....

  • Protein Packed Granola

    When we saw this recipe from Lauren Aime Wellness it was a perfect way to incorporate Baruvida nuts into a healthy protein packed granola.  You ca...
  • Banana Bread

    Check out this awesome recipe from @food_to_photoblog incorporating our Baruvida Classic Roast recipe into a Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.  Try making yours today.