World, Meet Baru


Absolutely delicious, crunchy, and packed full of healthy macronutrients, this hidden gem from the Cerrado is the newest superfood you’ve probably never heard of. 


It naturally occurs only in the Cerrado Biome, which spans from Western Brazil to Eastern Bolivia, and trees historically can take up to 7 years to bear fruit, if ever. 


Baruvida (the baru nut) is lower in fat & calories than other familiar nuts, and higher in protein, fiber & antioxidants. They’re packed with vitamins & minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron & zinc - plus, they're absolutely delicious. This superfood is a natural source of plant-based protein that's a perfect addition to any diet on its own or as an ingredient in your favourite recipe.


 Our Story

On an adventure across the Cerrado, our founder Jeff Zelinski saw firsthand the widespread deforestation of the area & its devastating impact on the local ecosystem and the families who call it home. When Jeff came across the Baru tree, native only to the Cerrado, he knew it held the keys to widespread change. These trees require low water and maintenance and is fire-resistant, making it a great choice for reforestation.

Today we dedicate our work to influence thousands of lives in a green, socio-economic way. We’re planting trees and creating a better future for over 40 communities in the Chiquitania area and will continue to do so for many more communities in the years to come.

By eating Baruvida, you are helping plant the seeds of change while giving your body the perfect natural fuel for all-around wellness - Thank you for being here!


     Be mindful 
    Every choice we make has an impact

     Give respect 
    To ourselves, others & the planet

     Live well
    Physically, mentally & spiritually - whatever wellness means to you

     Show gratitude
    Living well is a privilege, give back whenever we can

     Inspire change
    Always be learning, teach by example

     One planet  
    We all share one planet & the responsibility of keeping it healthy


    See how we help plant more baru and other indigenous species of trees in Bolivia and the Cerrado forests.





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