Our Impact



We are an international company based in Toronto with a location in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Our team is diverse, rooted in purpose, and dedicated to planting the seeds for a greener future. We're on a mission to educate and empower people to make food choices with a positive impact on their bodies, the planet & the people we share it with.

Baruvida has committed to a long-term relationship with 4EverForest to plant millions of trees over the coming years. Focusing on Baru Trees but also other naturally occurring species. In our first year, we financed the implementation of over 40,000 trees. Long-term this will not only increase our access to supply, but the trees are great carbon converters as well.  


Many communities use slash and burn techniques to plant seasonal crops. We have specifically tailored educational systems to teach regenerative farming techniques that allow for intercropping with trees rather than burning them.  This tree once mature, is fire resistant, has low water requirements, regenerates the soil as it is nitrogen fixing and has high CO2 conversion properties making it a perfect climate change solution for the planet. 

The Baru nut is already regularly used by locals to make drinks and other food products so we can add to the local culture, learn from it, rather than change it. Our purchases provide a sustainable income to the indigenous communities we have partnered with who gather these nuts from naturally growing trees in the region. A portion of our profits goes to helping these communities with new innovations and techniques to provide more efficient tree planting, cultivation, and cracking methods to get to the super-seeds inside that we enjoy so much.

Check out the 4EverForest website below for more details on how the origins of this superfood are not only great for you, but saving our planet.



A Note From One Of Our Founders


On an adventure across the Bolivian Cerrado forests I learned of the widespread deforestation leading to climate change, causing fires to destroy much of the rainforest. It was clear something needed to be done to stop the trend, but the locals didn’t seem to understand what was causing the change. 



We decided to purchase a research and development property in the heart of the forest so we could test different planting techniques and better understand the acute problems in the region. After spending several months in the Chiquitania I learned of the Baruvida tree and knew right away this local tree, which is found only in the Cerrado forests of Bolivia and Brazil, held the key to improving the future of this amazing area.

Changing the culture and mentality of an area isn’t easy but my team and I quickly began with training programs in the local communities. Our mission is to help educate the local population on how to gain economic growth and development through planting, harvesting, and maintenance of the Baruvida tree.

Today we dedicate our work to influence thousands of lives in a green friendly social and economic way. We will be planting trees and creating a better future for over 40 communities in the Chiquitania area and will continue to do so for many more communities in the years to come.


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