Is Baruvida organic?

  • Native to the Cerrado forest, Baruvida nuts fall from the leguminous, undomesticated Baruvida tree. This unique tree grows naturally without the use of chemicals, pesticides or any other mechanisms to enhance its growth. Hand harvested from the wild, Baruvida is a completely organic product.

How much protein is in a Baru nut?

  • Of course! One serving of Baruvida (35g) has high amounts of protein, antioxidants and other nutrients and micronutrients that make it a well-rounded nutritious snack. Food allergies should be considered. 

How many servings are in a bag?

  • A snack bag is 3 servings and a Mega Bag is 10 servings.

Should I peel the skin from the nuts?

  • When it comes to eating Baruvida nuts, it’s a matter of preference whether to the skin or not. We recommend you enjoy Baruvida with the skin on because of all the rich bioactive compounds stored in the skin. 

Can I mix Baruvida with other foods?

  • Absolutely! We encourage our Baruvida family to get creative and add them to any dish or meal. If you're looking for some inspiration, try adding Baruvida to acai bowls, oatmeal, cereals and cakes. 

Why are Baruvida nuts different sizes?

  • Baruvida comes from a tree called Dipteryx alata, which is undomesticated - therefore, there is no control over the trees and seed develop at different rates. Despite their variance in size, they all contain the same nutrients and delicious flavor.

Is Baruvida a raw product?

  • No, Baruvida goes through an extremely delicate roasting process that produces its mouth watering flavor and brings just the right amount of crunchiness.

Should I be concerned about cholesterol when eating Baruvida?

  • Not at all - in fact, Baruvida is extremely rich in fiber and nutrients that can actually help reduce cholesterol levels.

What role does Baruvida play when it comes to climate change?

  • Not only does the Baruvida team collect fruit from the Baruvida tree, but we also place a big focus on planting this tree and others. Following the massive fires in the Amazon rainforest, our founder Jeff Zelinski came across the Baruvida tree and after months of research he found they could have a huge impact on reforestation. Not only does it have a low water footprint, but this tree also has such a high capacity of absorbing nitrogen from the air and passing it to the soil that it enriches the soil - making it much easier for other plants to grow back in affected areas. 

Why all the buzz on Baruvida?

  • We could go on and on, but in essence what makes Baruvida such a highly-desired product is the “from seed to table” process. Collecting Baruvida from the Cerrado forest requires long drives into the wild where our team meets with our local partner communities to help collect the fruit from the trees. These nuts actually fall from the tree in a hard shell that is extremely hard to break, which these communities formerly used a machete to break. Seeking to make this process easier and more efficient, our team created a specially-designed nut cracker which we provide to our partner communities to aid in the harvest.

How are communities along the Cerrado forest benefited from these trade practices?

  • Baruvida practices fair trade practices when it comes to relationships with the communities we work with. We keep in touch with these communities regularly and give as much as we can to fulfill their needs and enhance their community development as a whole - in a way, they see our team as part of them. This past year we funded the planting of 40,000 trees on community land, donated dozens of nut crackers and gifted carbon making machines to convert Baruvida shells into cooking charcoal.

What is the shelf life for the baruvida nuts?

  • Most nuts will last for about three to six months, if stored in a proper way. You may also choose to store your nuts in a refrigerator, if you live in particularly warm climates


Where else can I buy Baruvida nuts?

POP Health Bar

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